Communication & Collaboration

Multi Modal Communication is simply a term for describing all the different ways we employ in communicating with each other, every day. This may be via spoken language, texting, tweeting, emailing, handwriting, body language, & gesturing, or by using a communication device.

In Safe Translog It will support the email and text options for easy accessibility and collaboration across the units

Multimodal interfaces support user input and processing of two or more modalities—such as speech, pen, touch and multi-touch, gestures, gaze, and virtual keyboard. … The input may involve recognition-based technologies (e.g., speech, gesture), simpler discrete input (e.g., keyboard, touch), or sensor-based information.Our software has provision for the same.

Specifically, multimodal systems can offer a flexible, efficient and usable environment allowing users to interact through input modalities, such as speech, handwriting, hand gesture and gaze, and to receive information by the system through output modalities, such as speech synthesis, smart graphics and other.